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Access Advanced eSignature Features

CocoDoc not only lets you quickly sign PDFs online but also allows you to invite others to sign with you –and track the status of the signatures from your dashboard.

Share and Manage Conveniently

CocoDoc offers a multitude of PDF sharing and management options. You can automate document distribution, and request PDFs to be signed in any desired order.

Store Your Data for Reuse

Need to sign PDFs online often? You can store your e-signature for quick reuse. You can also create templates of documents you use often.

Editing Tools at Your Fingertips

CocoDoc provides a suite of advanced PDF editing tools. You can add text, merge and paginate, and even make PDFs fillable by inputting interactive elements.

Create Electronic Signatures for Free

With CocoDoc, you can create a personalized e-signature for free. Draw a signature on your touchscreen or make a signature with stylish digital fonts.

Complete Privacy and Security

CocoDoc is a private-to-use solution. Your data is never shared with anyone and is only accessible to you. Further, your saved signature is encrypted.

How to Sign a PDF Document Online?

  • Upload the PDF you want to sign on CocoDoc.
  • Use the eSignature tools in the PDF editing window to sign the document. It's easy.
  • Share, manage, and download the document from your CocoDoc account.


How do you electronically sign a PDF?

It's not complicated. You just need a PDF signature tool like CocoDoc. You can either download the tool onto your device, which is time-consuming or access one online from your web browser. Then you open the PDF you want to sign with the help of the tool and sign it using your mouse, keyboard, or touchpad. It's fast, safe, and easy.

How do I put a signature on a PDF document?

If you're using CocoDoc, you can put a signature on the PDF document simply by uploading it to the CocoDoc website and then using the e-signature utility to create a sign. You then drag and drop the sign onto the document where necessary. You can choose to save your signature for quick reuse later. Finally, you can invite others to sign the document with you.

How can I get a free electronic signature?

You'll be able to create a free electronic signature if you use CocoDoc. CocoDoc provides a gamut of PDF editing tools, including a digital signature maker. You can use your mouse, trackpad, keyboard, or touchscreen device to come up with a signature. If you don't want to draw a signature, you can upload a photo of your signature instead. You have the option of saving your signature for reuse.

What does an electronic signature look like?

Typically, an electronic signature is the digital equivalent of the ordinary wet-paper signature. It looks just like your signature, except it's stored digitally and not on paper. There are other forms of electronic signatures, though they aren't often used. Some examples include stylized text, symbols, and a mouse squiggle. If you create a mark on a document with the intent to authorize it, it can be considered an electronic signature.

Are electronic signatures secure?

Electronic signatures are as secure as paper signatures. That means, in theory, anyone can copy or reproduce them if they get their hands on them. Digital signatures are more secure because they prevent copying and tampering of the document by embedding your signature on it. CocoDoc allows you to create super-secure digital signatures. Further, the platform encrypts your sign, meaning it won't be shared with anyone.

What makes an electronic signature legal?

An electronic signature must satisfy three conditions for it to be legal. a) The document where it's present should be linked to the signatory. In other words, the owner's identity should be verifiable. b) The document shouldn't have been tampered with. The integrity must be verifiable. c) The intent of the party must have been to authorize and validate the content of the document. Electronic signatures you make with CocoDoc are legally-valid.

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