10 Best Signature Makers to Create Digital Signature Online

In earlier ages, people used to travel to others or send documents through courier to get their signatures. This was quite a prolonged procedure, and sometimes essential documents used to get lost during the sending and receiving process. To end this trouble, electronic signing applications were designed so that people could get the signatures easily by staying at their place.

Online e-sign apps are considered a blessing in disguise. These apps are very useful in the business world because signing different documents is included in everyday work. In this article, the reader will learn about different editing apps that are used as a signature generator.

1. CocoDoc

CocoDoc is a remarkable PDF editor. It comes with a huge number of different features that are utilized by people. Its vast number of tools have been designed by keeping in mind the requirement of different kinds of users. CocoDoc is recognized by different brands like TechTimes, Phandroid, and TechRadar.

The user can create, merge, split, convert and edit any PDF file. Other than this, it can also be used as an online signature generator. With the help of this feature, the user can create signatures using the online console of CocoDoc. Apart from this, it enables the user to insert already created signatures into the PDF file.

Certain steps are needed to be followed to sign the document. The procedure to sign a document is well-explained as follows.

Step 1: First of all, the user will access the online eSign feature and then choose the file that is required to be signed. The file can be chosen from the desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Onedrive. The user can also paste the URL of the PDF file.

Step 2: After the file is uploaded to the area provided by the CocoDoc, a toolbar will appear, displaying all the features that a user can perform on the file. From the toolbar, select the sign option. This will open a small box asking the user to type, draw or upload a previously created signature. The user can select any desired option and press 'Ok'.

Step 3: Now the signature is created and inserted into the file. Users can adjust the size of the signature and place it according to themselves. After that, the user can download the file by simply clicking the download button or share the file by copying the PDF link.

2. CocoSign

CocoSign is an online tool that is appropriate for personal and business use. There is no need to pay for using the electronic signature feature as it is a free signature generator platform. CocoSign has gained recognition from different forums like BuzzFeed, Tech Crunch, and Small Biz Trends.

It has achieved global acknowledgment because it has always maintained the security and reliability of the user's data. It helps the user to create the document and share it with others. The user can sign the document himself and also send the same document to others to sign it. Multiple people can sign the document at once by using CocoSign.

Along with the multiple signatories, it permits sequential signatories, which means the user can set a predefined order for the people to sign the file. When a person performs an online signature by using CocoSign, then it is always legally valid. No one can claim that the signatures in the file are fake or unreal.

For the comfort of the user, CocoSign is available online, but it doesn't provide any mobile application either for iOS or Android. Premium features of this platform are not free people have to pay monthly to utilize them.

3. Adobe Acrobat DC

We are all aware of the brand Adobe Acrobat and its different software applications. Because of the popularity of Adobe Acrobat, people trust its PDF editor that is available under the name Adobe Acrobat DC. In this tool, Adobe has maintained its standard by providing practical and beneficial features to its customers.

From creating simple PDF files to editing and sharing them, Adobe has everything covered for the user. This platform allows the user to create an online signature in the document. The user can also add initials instead of signatures. This is the unique feature offered by Adobe Acrobat DC.

With this tool, you can request other people to sign it too by mailing it to them. This feature comes in handy in a business environment where employees need approval from their subordinates. This tool is not free and can only be used after downloading it on computers or laptops.

4. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is an online tool that provides 18+ features to the user to edit any PDF document. People who speak different languages other than English can use this platform as it is available in 24 different languages. The total number of users that come under the umbrella of Smallpdf is 500 million due to its obtainability in 24 languages.

This Switzerland-based company has an impressive interface. For the people looking for a platform that could allow them to create digital signatures, then Smallpdf is their answer. The user can use two techniques to sign the document one is that the user can sign the document himself.

The other technique allows the user to share the document with different people to get it signed by them. People feel that Smallpdf takes a long time to process documents. It only allows two documents to be processed in an hour for free.

5. EasePDF

This software application completely justifies its name as it has kept its interface and feature simple for the ease of the client. It is a newly launched system that is why instead of old trends of a software application, it has brought newness in its tools and services.

Although EasePDF has just been created, its manufactures have an experience of more than 10 years of studying PDF tools. By using the experience and up-to-date knowledge, it has created a concise interface. This is a free software application, and it does not require any registration fee from the user.

The user can sign the document by selecting the signature option from the drop-down menu. It is an online signature maker and creates signatures easily by using diverse methods of signatures. It maintains the confidentiality of the files. This platform does not have any desktop version yet.

6. DocHub

When an application is designed, the convenience of the user is the main concern of the developing company. DocHub is one of those companies that consider the ease of the user before anything. By considering all requirements of the user, it has developed its online PDF editing tool.

This online tool has a simple interface with intermediate features. It allows its users to import the document from personal devices and create signatures online by using the e-sign facility. There is no need to first save the document and then forward it to others.

This easy-to-use tool allows the user to edit the document and send it for signatures to others immediately by staying on DocHub's platform. This application saves time for the user by providing every basic tool under one roof. People often complain that they encounter bugs and errors when using different features and tools of DocHub.

7. PDF Buddy

As the name implies, PDF Buddy is a user-friendly online editing tool. This platform allows the user to create, edit and sign a PDF document. PDF Buddy provides certain basic features that are used regularly by the user. The services provided by this software application include highlighting the content of the document and adding images of your choice in the document.

The user can make a signature, and by using PDF Buddy, that created signature could be added to the document by just clicking the signature button. Being a comprehensible tool, it provides an easy-to-use online interface to its users.

It makes sure that the data of the user is completely secured. There is no need to install an application to sign the PDF document. People can use this tool online as it works just fine through any online browser. Its main drawback is that it has a limited number of features.

8. doPDF

doPDF is a free online tool that is suitable for commercial use. This platform comes in 33 different languages, and according to the manufacturers, soon, it will be available in more languages. The application can be downloaded in two different sizes; one is 32 bit, and the other is 64 bit.

This software application is safe to use as it protects the document of the user and does not share private information with a third party. This tool can be used for creating and editing different PDF files.

This app cannot be used as an online signature generator as it only provides basic features. The people who are willing to use its eSign facility have to subscribe to its paid version that is called novaPDF. This paid version allows the user to sign the document efficiently, and other than this, it also provides multiple premium features.

9. Docsketch

Docsketch is an easy-to-use tool to create an electronic signature. It is a simple tool that is most suitable for beginners. This software application comes with some basic features that include signing documents and also verifying the legal validity of the document.

The user can also create templates through a web browser and sign the document by using a multi signatory facility. It is a trustworthy platform that is used by 10,000 different big to small companies. Docsketch is an international-based company that is designed in America.

Big institutions like Cornell University and SOMU use this platform for their regular use. This tool offers limited functionality for free to its users. In the free plan, the user can only send 3 documents per month. Along with this, the user can enjoy reminders and notification facilities for free. To use the advanced features of this platform, the user has to buy the subscription of Docsketch.

10. DocuSign

DocuSign is the most popular signature maker. This platform is available to the user for more than 17 years. It is a massively reputed platform as it is present in the market for such a long time. Big companies like LinkedIn and T-Mobile prefer this tool to sign their critical documents.

DocuSign provides the most innovative electronic signing features to its users. Its online signature proficiencies have allowed the user to sign the documents at extreme ease. This tool gives complete command over the document to the user. With the help of its signing update feature, the user stays up to date about the document.

It notifies the user to update the signatures when the document is about to get expired. The major drawback of this platform is that the user has to pay to use DocuSign. The user pays a heavy amount every month to use its services.


There are different online apps that are used as a signature generator. Some of these apps create digital signature online, free while others charge users to use this functionality. In this article, we have discussed the ten best signature-making applications, and among them, CocoDoc stands at the top.

Online signing apps are a huge time saver, but on the other hand, one should choose an app after completely verifying it. The user must make sure that his electronic sign does not get stolen or misused through unauthentic online apps.